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Gentle Shepherd Ministries

About Us
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About Us
Many people like to know about the ministry and people behind it. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our ministry.

Our Ministry Philosophy

Our philosophy is that everyone can find freedom and healing from whatever is holding them in bondage and not allowing them to experience life as God both created and intended them to experience. 

Our Ministry

Gentle Shepherd Ministries was founded by Dr. Jim Musgrave (Doctor of Ministry) in 2002.  The ministry grew out of another ministry he had founded named Prayer Counseling Ministries.  Prayer Counseling Ministries focused upon using Prayer Counseling as a means to help people get to the true origin of their issues and hurts where the Lord could then bring healing and freedom. 

In October of 2000 Dr. Musgrave began working with clients who had little memory of their childhood, were losing time (blank periods where they did not know what they did), and bad memories and pain.  Prayer Counseling was not helping these clients and he began looking to find how to help them. 

In his search to find how to help these clients he heard about a man named Steve Oglevie who was helping people become free from ritual abuse (witchcraft and/or satanism).  He attended a seminar given by Steve Oglevie and made arrangements to take one of his clients to see Steve.  That was the beginning of a four year mentoring process he began with Steve Oglevie to learn how to help ritual abuse survivors find freedom and healing. 

In 2006 Dr. Musgrave began working on his Master's in Mental Health Counseling and began moving away from specializing in working with Ritual Abuse Survivors to working with those with mental health issues or other counseling issues. In coordination with this move, Gentle Shepherd Ministries began the Christian Counseling Project where Dr. Musgrave offers counseling services for $50 an hour.   

Presently, Dr. Musgrave sees some survivors in his office but directs most ritual abuse survivor seeking help to Steve, but does on occassion work with a survivor himself if after prayer he feels the LORD directing him to do so. 

Steve Oglevie, while not an official staff member of the ministry, is a friend of Dr. Musgraves' and is an expert in helping ritual abuse survivors find freedom and healing.  His office/fax number is 208-678-4414 for those who wish to schedule an appointment with him (because of how busy Steve is you will probably have to leave your name and telephone number and wait for him to return your call). 


Jim Musgrave, DMIN, NCC

Dr. Musgrave is a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counseling Candidate under State Supervision as he completes his requirement to become licensed by the State. 

Though not yet a State Licensed Professional Counselor or therapist Dr. Musgrave is an ordained minister and pastoral counselor who has been ministering through Christian Counseling for over eleven years.  He spent nine years as a missionary and eleven years as a pastor.  On the journey of ministry he earned a doctorate degree from Trinity Evangelical School in Discipleship Through Small Groups and a doctorate degree from Amercian Bible College and Seminary in Christian Counseling and has just finished his MA in Mental Health Counseling. 

As a pastor Dr. Musgrave became concerned about finding a better way to help people deal with the problems and issues they were facing that seemed to be causing major difficulties in their walk with God as well as in their lives.  He pursued more counseling courses and referred people to licensed counselors, but still many people were not getting the help they needed.   

He began to look into other avenues to better help people by attending seminars and schools:

  • Dr. Neil Anderson's "Steps to Freedom" - Freedom In Christ Ministries.
  • David and Linda Olson "Listening Prayer."
  • John and Paula Sandford's "Video School of Prayer Counseling" - Elijah House Ministries.
  • Art Zeilstra's "Prayer Counseling" Schools - Cornerstone Christian Counselling Center.
  • Dr. Ed Smith's "Theophostic Ministry."
  • Dr. Tom Hawkins "Restoring Shattered Lives Seminar" - Restoration in Christ Ministries

Out of his experience, study, and practice he developed a process to teach and use what many call "Prayer Counseling."   In addition, in December of 2000 he began working th Steve Oglevie, learning how to minister to ritual abuse survivors.  While he has ministered to over 80 ritual abuse survivors, at present he is referring most non-local survivors to Steve (208-678-4414) thought he still does some shorter (2-3 day) ministry trips out of state.  

Once Dr. Musgrave receives his Oklahoma License as a Licensed Professional Counselor Gentle Shepherd Ministries hopes to expand the Christian Counseling Project to include other counseling interns and provide more assistance for those who are underserved and for those rural areas that are underserved regarding counseling and mental health.

Once Dr. Musgrave becomes a Licensed Professional Candidate (approximately August 2009) he will be able to also be a contract worker for a Tulsa Agency allowing him to see Medicaid clients.