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Gentle Shepherd Ministries

Our Policies and Fees

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Our Policies and Fees
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Presently Dr. Musgrave is seeing people for $50.00 per session (50 minute sessions).  At present Dr. Musgrave does not take insurance.
Deprogramming Work
Dr. Musgrave is presently only seeing Ritual Abuse Survivors for 2-3 days initially for approximately 6 hours a day as time can be fit into his counseling schedule.
The cost is $300 a day. 
After this, 2 hour web-cam appointments may be arranged at $50 a hour if out of the area or survivors may schedule weekly office time if in the area.
Note:  Survivors must be accompanied by a companion.

Another Alternative for Survivors

Seeing Steve Oglevie

Dr. Musgrave's work with Ritual Abuse Survivors is mostly confined to his local area (Bartlesville and surrounding areas) and he sees survivors on a weekly basis for one to three hours.  For those who are out of the area and/or need more time he suggests you contact Steve Ogelvie at 208-678-4414.

Steve is, in Dr. Musgrave's opinion the foremost expert in helping Survivors get free.


Fees for Ministry

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