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Prayer Counseling

Prayer Counseling
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Prayer Counseling is a process through which a prayer counselor guides a person in asking the True Lord Jesus to take them to the root or origin of the problem(s) they are having.  The root or origin is often a memory from childhood, an event that happened with a particular person or a traumatic event in the person's life.  Once the root is discovered the prayer counselor will guide the person in a prayer process (talking to the Lord) to find healing and freedom. 

Lie Based Programming\Vow Based Programming

If you are not a ritual abuse survivor you will normally not have life control or mind control programming.  Instead, there is what I call "Lie Based Programming" or "Vow Based Programming."  With "Lie and Vow Based Programming" you actually program yourself due to some traumatic event in your life which often, though not necessarily, occurs at a young age. 

Lie Based Programming consists of lies that a person believes about themselves. These lies affect, impact, and influence the person throughout his or her life' even after the person forgets the events that took place.  The "lies" operate like the default settings in a computer and the person's mind, emotions, and even body will operate according to the "lie" commands until they are located and changed.

Vow Based Programming consists of vows a person makes about themselves that goes deep into the unconscious mind and acts as a default command that works to make the vow come true regardless of other thoughts, beliefs, or desires.

Some examples:                                                                      A young person is told consistently by his or her parent or parents that they are dumb growing up.  The person at a young age receives and believes this "lie" as a truth.  The default lie is:  I am dumb.  This lie affects the person's life as they go to school or try to take tests, etc.  Even though it is plain that the person is "not" dumb they do poorly in school or on tests, etc.  One young man we worked with had this "default lie."  He came to us because although he was successful in other areas, he was doing poorly in school.  When he took tests he just 'blanked out' and did badly.  Through prayer counseling the LORD took him back to the early memories of being told he was dumb and the "lie" he believed at a deep unconscious level.  When the lie was found and the LORD spoke the truth about the lie, the default lie was broken and a new truth put in its place.  This new truth said, "You are very smart."  He went on in college to make A's and B's. 

A woman came for help because she was not able to conceive.  She was depressed about it and wanted help.  There was no medical reason she could not have children.  Through prayer counseling the Lord took her back to a memory from her childhood.  She was the first of many children.  Her mother was pregnant almost every 1 1/2 years.  When mom was pregnant, she was very sick and could not do any of the housework or even take care of her own children.  The task fell to the eldest daughter.  The girl became bitter about not having a childhood of her own and having to be the "adult".  So she said to herself, "When I get married I will not have any children."  She grew up, forgot all about this vow.  Through prayer counseling the vow was found and renounced and the woman soon conceived.     



Prayer Counseling
Prayer Counseling gently ministers through prayer to those suffering from emotional, spiritual, and/or physical problems including such things as fear, anger, depression, condemnation, etc.
Prayer Counseling also gently ministers to those experiencing family, marriage, and/or divorce issues, hurts, and problems.  It has been our experience that if each person in the marriage is willing to deal with their own issues, then the marriage can experience great healing and restoration.  When working with married spouses, we work with them individually.  We have found that working with a couple often causes more blame pointing and fault finding instead of healing.  (It is important to note that some joint sessions will also take place).
Prayer Counseling has been used successfully with children as young as five years old as well as with teens and adults.

     The cause of some problems and issues are found in the spiritual world of God, sin, evil, the devil, and/or fallen angels.  Things like generational sins, generational curses, vows, and judgments can influence a person and their behavior. 
     If the cause to a problem is a spiritual one, who better to deal with such problems than the Lord?  If the problem is not a spiritual one who better to show where the root of the real problem is coming from than the Lord who knows all things?
"My Sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me"
John 10:27
"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulders.  And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."  Isaiah 9:6