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Christian Counseling Project
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Counseling at Affordable Prices

What is the Christian Counseling Project?


The Christian Counseling Project is project where  Dr. Musgrave offers $50.00 counseling sessions (50 minute sessions).  Once Dr. Musgrave becomes a Licensed Professional Counselor and able to bill insurance, those with insurance will be billed at the normal insurance rate.  Those without insurance will continue to pay only $50.00.


In August when Dr. Musgrave becomes a Licensed Professional Counseling Candidate, he will begin to also work with Medicaid clients through a Tulsa Agency and Medicaid fees will be applied.    


During the project time he will be supervised by Dr. Kyle Stewart, M.D. (psychiatrist).


How is Dr. Musgrave counseling now?


Dr. Musgrave is not a licensed professional counselor but an ordained minister with a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling.  He has been counseling exclusively as a pastoral counselor, under the umbrella of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International and Gentle Shepherd Ministries, a not-for-profit ministry for the last eight years.  He is presently pursuing his State licensing to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. 


What kind of Counseling does Dr. Musgrave offer?


Dr. Musgrave offers counseling to couples and individuals (no children) for such things as marriage counseling, anger, depression, anxiety, dissociation, early childhood trauma, grief, bereavement and other emotional and mental health issues.


He will also be working with Dr. Stewart learning how to help those suffering from such things as ADD, Bi-Polar disorder, Schizophrenia, and other psychiatric illnesses. 


What type of Counseling does Dr. Musgrave offer?


Dr. Musgrave is a Christian Counselor who believes in a holistic model where mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected.  He believes true health and healing come as all three are in balance with God at the center.


Dr. Musgrave offers what he describes as Prayer Counseling, as well as Psychoanalytical/dynamic, Insight-Oriented Psychotherapy Counseling.  He also works with ritual abuse survivors through deprogramming. 



Do I have to be a Christian to see Dr. Musgrave?


No, one doesn’t have to be a Christian to see Dr. Musgrave and he will not push his beliefs on anyone though he will be available to discuss spiritual matters and explain his own philosophy of counseling. 



What is Prayer Counseling?


Prayer counseling is a type of brief psychoanalytical therapy and a process where God (the True Lord Jesus) is invited into the problem or issue and asked to shed light on the problem and help bring health and healing. 



What is Insight Oriented Counseling and Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic/

Psychodynamic therapy?


Insight oriented Counseling and Psychoanalytical/Psychodynamic therapy assumes that many of the problems (symptoms) a person is going through stem from unconscious psychological conflicts such as unresolved and often repressed issues from childhood.  These issues begin to make themselves known through dreams, nightmares, stress, anger, fear, and physical symptoms such as headaches, and pain (fibromyalgia).      



What is deprogramming?

Deprogramming is not counseling but is a way of removing walls and structures in the mind (programs) from those who were and are victims of ritual abuse. 



What advantages will those taking part in the project receive?


Besides receiving counseling for $25.00 a session (50 minute sessions) during the project term, those who continue counseling throughout the project time will not have to pay more than their insurance will pay out (no out of pocket expenses).  If they have no insurance they will be able to continue to receive counseling for the $25.00 per session after Dr. Musgrave receives his state license and is able to bill insurance. 


Note:  The average rate for professional counseling (other than rates for a psychiatrist or psychologist) is $90.00 an hour for a 50 minute session.


Also, during Dr. Musgrave’s twelve month practicum/internship, there will be times when client sessions will need to be part of his Practicum/Internship “direct-client” hours in which case the session is free. 


Note:  There may be times when Dr. Stewart will also be in the session to observe Dr. Musgrave.



How does someone become part of the Christian Counseling Project?


By simply calling

918-335-1616 and scheduling an appointment with Dr. Musgrave through the office administrator, Connie.




Sign up now

and scheduling a session!




Dr. James Musgrave

Medical Park Center

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Bartlesville, OK 74003


Office: 918-335-1616




$50 per session (50 minutes counseling sessions)

Call or email to set up an appointment!