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Addressing Ritual Abuse Survivors

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I know that inside you are told that you can never be free and that you cannot get out.  That is a lie.  You can be!  I know you have a hard time trusting and that is okay and necessary.  I know that you take a risk if you truly choose to find freedom and healing.  There is help!  There is a way to help you get free that doesn't require you to have to re-experience the trauma again, or trigger any programs.  If you are a ritual abuse survivor, the good news is that you are not crazy! 

What Has to Happen for You to find Freedom and Healing?
Programming must first be removed before counseling will be successful!  Programming is done at the unconscious level and cannot be removed through counseling.  Deprogramming is not counseling. However, it must be addressed for Ritual Abuse Survivors to find freedom and healing.
We have discovered that there are four basic elements to ritual abuse that need to be addressed for recovery to take place:
1) Memories of Trauma.  Our experience has shown that the person does not need to re-live or re-experience the trauma in order to remove the mind-control system.  A very brief glimpse of a specific memory may be needed to remove certain types of systems, but boundaries are carefully placed to avoid overwhelming the person.  The memories can be stored so that they can be accessed later in therapy if that is important to the person.
2) Dissociation/Mulitiplicity.  All ritual abuse survivors will have dissociation.  Often the dissociation will be internal and not apparent externally.  The host person is often unaware of the internal dissociation and the dissociated parts inside work through the host person without them realizing it.  It is our experience that a person can have dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) without two or more parts taking over the executive control of the body (replacing the host externally).
3) Teaching and Training.  It is important for the person's system (inside dissociated parts) to know that we understand how dissociation is created and how programming is used.  There are also many internal lies that are believed as truth.  These lies often need to be dispelled.
4)  Conditioning.  Parts are conditioned to think, act, and speak in certain ways and these need to be addressed.
These four basic elements can all be resolved at the cognitive level. However, all four can be controlled by a fifth element, that of mind-control programming of which the client may or may not be aware.  The process we use respects each of these elements but concentrates on the fifth element.


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