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Gentle Shepherd Ministries

Two-Day Evaluation Session

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Must be done in conjunction with your own local therapist!



Gentle Shepherd Ministries, Inc. is offering a two-three day evaluation for:

-          Those who have been told they are DID but do not believe it or wonder about it.

-          Those who have programming and want it removed.

-          Those who want to know if they are ready to do the work.


DAY ONE of the Evaluation will cover three areas:  First, an in-depth personal history; Second, an explanation of how dissociative is created (relationship between the mind/brain/body) and how those who

wish to create programs and control others use dissociation and Third, an easy homework assignment (no paperwork or reading involved) to prepare the person to begin working the next day.


DAY TWO of the Evaluation will see:  If the homework assignment was able to be accomplished and if the person is ready and able to begin the work.  This part of the evaluation begins the process of the person’s system (if they are DID, Ritually Abused, and/or programmed) and Dr. Musgrave working out how they can work together to help the person find hope and healing. 


DAY THREE of the Evaluation will continue what began on day two.



-          Lets the person know if they are ready to do the required work.

-          Lets the person gain insight into Dissociation and programming.

-          Lets the person and their system see that Dr. Musgrave does know about how the programming is installed and therefore can help them find healing.

-          Lets the person be ready for more work with the preliminaries out of the way.   

-          Lets the person evaluate Dr. Musgrave and ask him any questions they may have about himself or the ministry to help them decide if they can begin to trust him.



  • Each day of the evaluation is approximately six hours in length.
  • The cost of the two days is $600.00.
  • The cost of three days is $900.00.
  • The evaluations will usually be done over a weekend (Saturday/Sunday). 
  • Someone must accompany the person for the one night they will be in Bartlesville.


  • Follow-up sessions are scheduled on a first-come/ first-serve basis and are usually three to ten days in length.
  • There is no guarantee that a person will be able to begin the work right after the evaluation
  • There is no guarantee as to when a person can be scheduled for follow-up work.
  • This can be a highly emotional time.




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