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Survivors Seeking Freedom and Healing
Need Your Help!
There are many ritual abuse survivors struggling from the affects of their ritual abuse.  Their struggles are many: 
  • They struggle to believe they can find freedom and healing. 
  • They struggle to believe they are not mentally ill. 
  • They struggle to find people who know how to help them. 
  • They struggle with the financial cost of the help they need.
Ritual Abuse Survivors want freedom and healing from the ritual abuse they have suffered.  There is help for them!
You can help a ritual abuse survivor receive the help he or she needs.  You can help them in their struggle to find freedom and healing.   
Please give a tax deductible contribution to Gentle Shepherd Ministries, a non-profit ministry for survivors and others needing freedom and healing. 
Act now to help restore a life!


You may use a credit card through PayPal to send donations via
If you desire to write a check, please make your check out to:                                              Gentle Shepherd Ministries and mail it to:
Gentle Shepherd Ministries
PO Box 519
Bartlesville, OK 74005-0519
Please consider giving monthly!
Your financial generosity can help restore a life!

Please make your check out to:  Gentle Shepherd Ministries or donate via PayPal (
Please write on your check:  Donation for survivors
Send your check to:
Gentle Shepherd Ministries
PO Box 519
Bartlesville, OK 74005-0519